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Electrotherapy:  Conductive Garments



Conductive Garments for TENS Therapy

Conductive Garments are designed to be used in conjunction with TENS therapy, both in the home and Physical Therapy setting. This unique material consisting of conductive silver mesh can stimulate large or multiple areas without the side effect of skin irritation sometimes found with the use of conventional electrodes. The Neofoam Garments offer support, light compression, and stimulation, simultaneously, without excessive perspiration generally found with the use of neoprene supports.  Conductive Garments work especially well over areas of pain that may be too large or diffuse for electrode use.



Chronic pain of the back, neck, arm, legs, hands, or feet, regions of the body that are too large or too difficult to treat by electrode placement, areas of pain where gentle compression is desired simultaneously with electrotherapy, large joint pain, arthritic pain of the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic foot pain, chronic knee pain, muscle spasms.




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