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Customer Testimonials

"The product was awesome, will be very useful.  Demonstration was informative"

L. Chandler



"I got the back brace from PCA Pain Center and so far it's working great.  It helps me to stand longer, walk and bend better, and helps when washing dishes.  I can bend to give my grand daughter a bath."

L. Price - PCA Blacksburg



"I'm very pleased with the service I received from Jeff.  He's very polite and very helpful.  Thank you!"

C. Crews - Easley Clinic



"Jeff did a great job helping me get a back brace.  He explained very well how to use it.  Overall he did a great job."

K. Luther - Easley Clinic



"Does help at times, about 70% at times."

T. Cromer



"This works great!  Never tried it before and it's miraculous!  I highly recommend anyone with chronic back and neck pain to get this unit."

S. Jayne - PCA Blacksburg



"It eases the pain somewhere I can bear it.  It is really nice to have.  I like the convenience of the belt too!"

D. Freeman



"When I come in from work and having a lot of pain, I put the TENS and garment on and it takes away the pain and relaxes me.  It's like taking a pain pill.  The belt is the thing that I enjoy the most because of the convenience.  It makes a big difference!"

G. Gallimore



"Helps muscle knot on the back of my knee to go down.  However, has not helped back pain at all"

H. Bayne



"Things are getting better than before.  The TENS unit gives some relief"

V. Spence



"As a paraplegic of 23 years, I had never tried a TENS device.  During the first use my reconstructed spine felt much better.  I plan to also try the EMS function to help re-tone lost muscles"

Synergy Employee



"I put on the back brace and I love it!  I could tell a difference soon after it was on.  I will tell all of my friends how good it is.  I am 70 years old, and my back feels like a 'young' back now.  Just for having it on a few minutes I love it.  My back never felt this good in several years.  I would like for everyone to see I am really happy."

E. Peoples



The knee brace has given me a real feeling of support on my left knee.  I use to feel shaky going off of curbs, stairs, etc but the brace has been a great support.  Works really well when extra assurance is needed.

K. Davis - PCA Blacksburg



"It's a great brace.  It really helps me walking.  Does not roll up like other braces that move around.  It is durable, and I really like it!"

M. Petty - PCA Blacksburg



"First experience feels like the brace is going to be a big help.  When I learn more about each adjustment is going to do.  I would say it's just what the doctor ordered."
Michael B. - Boiling Springs
“This new back brace is the first one that I've tried that actually helps. All of the others that I have tried would roll up or down depending on your body shape. This one gives the support you need, where you need it.  Being able to adjust the tension of top and bottom independently is truely a blessing.  With having the plastic inserts for your back and side stabilization you get the support that was not available before.  I give it a standing ovation.
C. Dickerson - PCA Blacksburg



"I feel as if these products will help me tremendously.  The representative was very nice and made me feel very comfortable, which is very hard to do.  I'm looking forward to receiving my products to make my life a little easier!"

J. Arnette


"I just got this TENS machine and it is helping me a lot.  I have chronic back pain but this makes it so much better for me.  Thank you so much!"

V. Bromfield - PCA Blacksburg



"Very impressed with Jeff on information and instructions of back brace. He was very polite and helpful."

R. Dacey

“When I first got the back brace, Tammy showed me how to put it on and how to adjust it.  I wear the brace when out doing errands.  She is very helpful and is doing a great job!”
Boiling Springs Clinic
"Tammy was great from beginning to end.  She was very thorough in explaining every detail of the braces and has been helpful in every way from beginning to end."
Patricia B.
“Tammy was very helpful and condiderate.  She knew her job very well.  I would recommend her to other patients...”
Matthew B.  -  Boiling Springs
“I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping me with my back pain.  Kayla was very knowledgable about the back brace.  She explained everything to where I could understand how to work it when I got home.  Thanks again for helping me, and a HUGE thank
you to Kayla for being so nice and patient...”
Doris G.



"Kayla has been so awesome to work with getting braces from my back to my knees!  The braces I had before didn't provide much stability to my knee after having knee replacement from a broken knee cap.  The brace she fitted me with has let me walk like normal.  The back brace helps my posture and I am able to clean my own house!  This may not sound too exciting, but it feels good to be able to do things for myself.


When I came to Kayla, I didn't expect the brace to make that much difference.  I'd had brace after brace for the last year, buying a couple on my own.  None really made my knee feel stable .. this one does!"

S. Crockett


“A great experience, Wow what a nice person!”
Gary P.
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